Professional Plastering

Toucan Property Maintenance offer a wide range of professional plastering services, from patch plastering small areas to full room coverage.

There are various professional plastering methods which Toucan Property Maintenance will tailor to suit your requirements. Different bases and wall coverings require different techniques to be able to provide a smooth surface.

Take a look through the professional plastering services our team provide.

Types of Professional Plastering Services

Skim Plastering

Skimming involves applying a thin layer of plaster to uneven or cracked walls to improve the appearance and finish of the wall. It is also useful if you want an art-ex wall covering or smoothing over. It is often a more affordable solution to having a complete re-plaster and improves the appearance of any space.

Float and Set Plastering

Float and set is the thicker more durable and traditional method often used to match up missing areas of plaster. 

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Dot and Dab Plastering

Dot and dab plastering, also known as dry lining or direct bonding, is a common way of fixing plasterboard to walls. The process involves applying small amounts of adhesive to the object wall before laying plasterboarding over the top. This then allows the board to be fixed to the wall before a thin layer of plaster is applied over the top. Dry lining has grown in popularity due to the speed at which the smooth plasterboard surface can be applied to a wall.

Ceiling Plastering

Ceilings can often be one of the areas which need a new skim of plaster. The difficulty is, plastering a ceiling is one of the trickiest parts of a home to do. As this is overhead it is the hardest surface to cover consistently and is the easiest to get wrong. It is also one of the easiest ways to cover yourself – and the contents of your room – in plaster. Our team take the upmost care to cover and protect the contents of your room when plastering any surface.