Damp Proofing in Barnsley

Damp Proofing in Barnsley

damp proofing barnsley

Evidence of damp on a household wall.

Having damp problems in a home or workplace can not only have serious implications for the structural integrity of a building but also on the health of the people inside.

Ensuring your damp problem is surveyed by a professional is highly important. Damp Proofing in Barnsley and the application of a damp proof course (DPC) is only effective when we know the full extent of the damage and where it comes from. Damp proofing can only be fully effective when we know the exact cause.

Damp Proofing Specialists

Toucan Property Maintenance are specialists in Damp Proofing in Barnsley and across South Yorkshire. Whether you have a problem with rising damp due to a faulty damp course or you have problems with excess condensation our team can complete a full survey to find the cause of your problems and provide the best solution.


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Quality Damp Proofing in Barnsley

condensation control - damp proofing

Black mould from excess condensation

Condensation Control

Condensation control is a probem which effects many homes across South Yorkshire and is especially common in winter months. The problems caused by condensation are more apparnet in homes with poor insulation and heating leaving cold surfaces. The condensation is formed when warm evaporated air comes to contact with a cold surface such as a window.

If left untreated, excess condensation can cause mould or damage to walls, furnitre, window frames and other parts of a home.

Take a look at our top tips to avoid condensation in your home.


Penetrating Damp

Pentrating damp is similar in many ways to rising damp, however, instead of rising through the wall from ground level moisture penetrates at an elevated level ususlly in a gap in the brickwork. This is typicall seen more in older properties where walls have degraded over time leaving them exposed to moisture entry.

The most common causes of penetrating damp in South Yorkshire properties are eroded brickwork and cement, missing or dislodged roof tiles or faulty roof guttering and down pipes. It is also common to see penetrating damp around windows and external doors. If these have not been fitted correctly, or have moved over time, gaps can appear which allow moisture to enter. This is often the case on walls which are exposed to wind driven rain on a regular basis.

With a damp survey of your property, the Toucan team can discover the cause of your damp problems and start the best treatment to a dry future.


Rising Damp

rising damp proofing barnsleyRising Damp is a common problem in older properties across South Yorkshire, including Barnsley, where the damp proof course has failed below ground level. On many of the properties we cover in Barnsley the DPC is original to the house build and has deteriorated over time.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp occurs when a damp course fails and moisture is able to enter the structure through the permeable nature of brick and mortar. The moisture comes from the ground surrounding the property and penetrates the foundations and below level brickwork. From this entry poi,nt the moisture can rise through the structure and cause visible damp above ground level in the form of salts. These salts were soluble in the moisture and dry out above ground level, often leaving white marks on brickwork.