How to Stop Condensation on Windows in Winter

How to Stop Condensation on Windows in Winter

How to Stop Condensation on Windows in Winter

Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp. Condensation is formed from warm, moist air that comes into contact with cold surfaces, this leaves water on the surface which we see as condensation. This is usually seen as a larger problem during the colder winter months.

Condensation on windows can become a real problem in any property. For many people, it becomes a very common problem at this time of year.

It is a reoccurring problem to wake up on a winter morning a find your windows completely opaque with condensation. While this is initially annoying, it can become a serious problem to your property, your wallet and your health.

We have compiled our top tips on how to stop condensation on windows in Winter around South Yorkshire.

Toucan’s Tips To Stop Condensation


It may sound simple, but having a regular path for ventilation in your home will help you lose condensed windows. Opening windows regularly and allowing fresh air to flow through will greatly help. This is especially helpful if you can open windows on different sides of the property to create cross ventilation.

Shower Smart

Taking a shower creates a lot of warm steam which can easily leave damp areas around your home. Being smart when taking a shower can contain the damp air and keep you free from damp around the home. Simple steps such as closing the bathroom door to contain the moisture can have a huge effect on condensation control.

In addition, turning on an extractor fan or opening a window, will allow the warm damp air to escape. You don’t have to leave the window open for long and your condensation issues will literally float away.

Constant Temperature

Condensation occurs when warm air meets colder air or a cold surface such as a window. Keeping a constant temperature in your home will reduce the amount of interaction between air temperatures.

Outdoor Drying

Where possible, it is best to dry your clothes outdoors. Not only is this the best solution for the environment, but it limits the condensation within your home. If the weather dictates you can not dry your clothes outside there are some steps to take to best dry indoors.

If you need to dry over a radiator, try to isolate this to a single room and open the window in this room where possible. If you are using a tumble dryer, ensure the ventilation for this is properly secured to allow the air to flow out of the property.

Open Curtains

Opening your curtains allows the heat within your room to circulate and can help to dry up the trapped condensation. This is especially important on sun-facing windows.



Put an End to Your Condensation Problems?

You no longer need to worry about condensation and damp probelms in your property. Toucan Property Maintenance are Damp Proof Specialists in South Yorkshire with experience controlling and eradicating condensation in a residential and commerical property.

If you have ventilation issues in your home we can help stop condensation build up before they become damp problems. If you are already experiencing moisture control problems in your property we can help. As Damp Proof Specialists in South Yorkshire, we can damp proof homes with rising damp, penetrating damp and general condensations issues.

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